add extension dialplan add extension Add new extension into context
add ignorepat dialplan add ignorepat Add new ignore pattern
add queue member queue add member Add a channel to a specified queue
ael no debug ael nodebug Disable AEL debug messages
agi no debug agi debug off Disable AGI debugging
database show database showkey Shows database contents
debug channel core set debug channel Enable debugging on a channel
dont include dialplan remove include Remove a specified include from context
dump agihtml agi dumphtml Dumps a list of agi command in html format
extensions reload dialplan reload Reload extensions and *only* extensions
iax2 debug iax2 set debug Enable IAX debugging
iax2 jb debug iax2 set debug jb Enable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
iax2 no debug iax2 set debug off Disable IAX debugging
iax2 no jb debug iax2 set debug jb off Disable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
iax2 no trunk debug iax2 set debug trunk off Disable IAX trunk debugging
iax2 trunk debug iax2 set debug trunk Enable IAX trunk debugging
include context dialplan add include Include context in other context
init keys keys init Initialize RSA key passcodes
load module load Load a dynamic module by name
mgcp debug mgcp set debug Enable MGCP debugging
mgcp no debug mgcp set debug off Disable MGCP debugging
moh classes show moh show classes List MOH classes
moh files show moh show files List MOH file-based classes
pri show span pri show spans Displays PRI Information
reload module reload Reload configuration
remove extension dialplan remove extension Remove a specified extension
remove ignorepat dialplan remove ignorepat Remove ignore pattern from context
remove queue member queue remove member Removes a channel from a specified queue
rtp no debug rtp debug off Disable RTP debugging
set debug core set debug Set level of debug chattiness
set verbose core set verbose Set level of verboseness
show agi agi show Show AGI commands or specific help
show application core show application Describe a specific dialplan application
show applications core show applications Shows registered dialplan applications
show audio codecs core show audio codecs Shows audio codecs
show channel core show channel Display information on a specific channel
show channels core show channels Display information on channels
show channeltypes core show channeltypes Show available channel types
show codec core show codec Shows a specific codec
show codecs core show codecs Shows codecs
show config mappings core show config mappings Show Config mappings (file names to config engines)
show dialplan dialplan show Show dialplan
show features feature show Lists configured features
show file formats core show file formats Displays file formats
show function core show function Describe a specific dialplan function
show functions core show functions Shows registered dialplan functions
show hints core show hints Show dialplan hints
show image codecs core show image codecs Shows image codecs
show image formats core show image formats Displays image formats
show indications indication show Show a list of all country/indications
show keys keys show Displays RSA key information
show license core show license Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk
show manager command manager show command Show a manager interface command
show manager commands manager show commands List manager interface commands
show manager connected manager show connected Show connected manager interface users
show modules module show like List modules and info
show modules like module show like List modules and info
show queue queue show Show status of a specified queue
show switches core show switches Show alternative switches
show translation core show translation Display translation matrix
show uptime core show uptime Show uptime information
show version core show version Display version info
show version files core show file version Show versions of files used to build Asterisk
show video codecs core show video codecs Shows video codecs
show voicemail users voicemail show users List defined voicemail boxes
show voicemail zones voicemail show zones List zone message formats
show warranty core show warranty Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asterisk
sip debug sip set debug Enable SIP debugging
sip debug ip sip set debug ip Enable SIP debugging on IP
sip debug peer sip set debug peer Enable SIP debugging on Peername
sip no debug sip set debug off Disable SIP debugging
sip no history sip history off Disable SIP history
unload module unload Unload a dynamic module by name